Price guide

Regular cleans are either 4, 6 or 8 weeks

Terrace from £10 regular / £16 one-off clean

Terrace (front only) from £6 regular / £12 one-off clean

Semi detached (2-3 bed) from £12 regular / £20 one-off clean

Semi detached (4-5 bed) from £15 regular / £22 one-off clean

Detached (3-4 bed) from £17 regular / £25 one-off clean

Detached (5+ bed) from £22 regular / £30 one-off clean

Town house from £15 regular / £25 one-off clean

Bungalow from £12 regular / £20 one-off clean

Flat from £10 regular / £15 one-off clean

(Interior and exterior windows are cleaned for double the price of exterior cleans)

For conservatories add £5 for a regular and from £20 for a

one-off clean (price may differ due to size and condition)

Other services

Garage doors £4

Fascia, soffit and gutter washing (not clearing) from £3 per metre 

Gutter clearing from £15 per strip of guttering

Conservatory roofs from £3 per panel (minimum price £20)

Solar panels £3 per panel

Camper-vans and caravans 'pure water wash' from £15

Commercial or very large properties £25-£50 per hour (height dependent)

Please note: First cleans may be charged slightly higher due to being a lengthier process

*Neighbour recommendation discounts available; If you recommend a neighbour for a regular clean, you'll receive a half price clean on your next visit*